Supplying Nano Fab Facilities
with Ultra High Purity Products

UHP Panels & Cabinets

UHP Australia are proud distributors for SVCS, Europe. For the past 15 years, SVCS have been designing and manufacturing thermal reactors, gas delivery systems (gas cabinets) and gas abatement systems (scrubbers) for the constantly evolving semiconductor, photovoltaic and nanoscience technology industries.

Key Features of SVCS Thermal Reactors (Horizontal or Vertical):

  • Easy operation, processing and maintenance
  • High quality of deposition
  • Remarkable film uniformity
  • No cross-contamination
  • Excellent reproducibility
  • Remote operation through Ethernet highway
  • Maintenance friendly mechanical design
  • Best in class cost of ownership

Standard Configuration:

  • Wafer size 1” – 8” (25mm – 200mm)
  • State of the art modular control system
  • Advanced PID temperature control based on proprietary fast cascade algorithm
  • Independent Safety Interlocks, EMO switches
  • Multilevel user/password protected access
  • Quartz or silicon carbide tube reactor chambers for various vacuum or atmospheric processes
  • 3 or 5 zone Resistance Furnace for temperatures 400⁰C – 1300⁰C
  • Fully automatic Gas System with media flow controlled by thermal electronic digital MFC’s
  • All gas lines from Ultra High Purity components with all wetted internal surfaces electropolished
  • Electrical power supply system: 3-phase 380VAC, 50Hz, 5-wire (or per country specifications)
  • Advanced water cooling system at tube-level
  • Compliant with SEMI – S2/S8 and CE Standards

All SVCS products are available with an extensive list of optional features to suit your custom requirements. Please contact our technical team for more information –

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